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2021 Luxury Furniture and Home Decor Design Trends

2021 Luxury Furniture and Home Decor Design Trends

Here are the luxury furniture design trends that are on the horizon as 2021 is about to begin. As everyone spends more time in the home, interesting materials and intricate patterns are poised to become incredibly popular. Outdoor spaces are only going to grow in popularity as 2021 advances. There will also be an increased emphasis on mental health and sustainability. These are all accompanied by the desire for authenticity.

More time is being spent inside, which means that mesmerizing materials and textures are growing in popularity. As in 2020, many of these textures are nature-inspired. Natural materials like stone and patina-finished metal are the latest trends gaining in popularity. These can be paired with materials like leather or shiny metals to provide interesting contrasts.

Exiciting Shapes

2021 is all about variety and contrast. Eye-catching patterns can also help provide some diversity to these materials. When intricate patterns are paired with subtly patterned materials like wood and marble, magic happens. Furniture shape is also gravitating towards more plant-like curves. Nature is a smorgasbord of colors, textures and shapes. This is now being reflected in interior design.

Pictured below is the Aston Martin V114 Sectional Sofa

Aston Martin V114 Sectional Sofa

How are these ideas best incorporated into interior design? Modern simplicity can be texturized by adding a high-end throw. A bedroom can be upgraded with a canopy. A desk made in Italy can transform a home office. Adding a chandelier to the dining room, entryway, living room or bedroom can add some ephemeral texture. An Italian leather chair adds urbane luxury to any room at the same time as adding some key texture variation.

2021 Luxury Bedroom Design Trends

One of the easiest rooms to start texturizing is the bedroom. In itself, the bed offers lots of opportunities for some interesting textures and striking variety. A tufted headboard adds depth, geometric interest, and some texture options. A wooden headboard offers understated color variations from the natural wood grain, as well as an alluring material. Then, the upholstery and bedspread offer more options for some delicious textures and chic fabrics.

Pictured below: Arredoclassic ARR3419 Leonardo King Size Bed


Your Luxury Living Room

The living room is also easily conformed to the 2021 trend of adding more curves, intricate patterns, and tantalizing textures. To emphasize the curvy style trend that is gaining in popularity, consider a classic furniture piece like a chaise lounge. The curved back offers an interesting geometric point of interest, while the different material options offer myriad texture designs. A chaise lounge will complement many design styles including modern, classic, and Old World.

Picture below: Mariner Wilshire Chaise Lounge


The Modern, Luxury Home Office

With increased working from home, the home office is now the center of business. For both modern and classic tastes, Italian furniture will make a statement on any video call. A sleek upholstered office chair can add texture and geometric dimension while an ornate bookcase can impart old-world charm. Choosing quality furniture with sophisticated lines means that this furniture will work in any home office style.

Pictured below: Tonino Lamborghini Casa LTN/21001 Long Beach Desk Chair


A Brighter 2021

Installing chandeliers is a quick way to upgrade a room from the simplicity espoused only a few years ago to the abundance of variety in 2021. Glass is an element that has long been mastered by Italian artisans. Glassblowers in Murano are still acknowledged as the finest glass blowers in the world, and an Italian chandelier would be participating in that legacy. If there are no rooms suitable for a chandelier, it is still possible to be part of the Murano legacy by incorporating an Italian glass vase.

So far, it seems that 2021 will be all about making the simple more ornate. However, modern style décor is not going out of style -- sleek lines are classic. Integrating furniture that offers interesting textures like leather, wood, or marble can take contemporary décor to the next level of sophistication. Adding a luxury rug, high-end clock or European vase are only a few ideas to add some variety to modern spaces.


Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Because 2021 will most likely lead to more outdoor entertaining, luxury outdoor furniture design should not be neglected. European-made furniture will not only offer lasting quality and intriguing textures, but also offer a marvelous conversation piece. The addition of Italian outdoor furniture will help any outdoor space take advantage of the outdoor entertaining trend. Using a weathered metal in combination with a cozy cushion is one way to achieve this look. The combination of hard angles and soft curves is exactly the contrast that will be popular in 2021.

Pictured below: Skyline Design SKY175 Cube Daybed Set

Intricate detail and simplicity cycle through trends, but European quality never goes out of style. 2021 brings an increase in detail and texture in the arena of home décor. European-made furniture is sure to weather any storm that the future holds. After all, Italian artisans have been making luxury furniture for hundreds of years. Even contemporary or modern furniture made in Europe is part of that legacy. Next year appears to be bringing looks that include more variety and texture. A further dimension should be considered: the conversation value. High-end European furniture offers not only a part of the artisan’s legacy, but also the opportunity to have a conversation about it in modern times.

Luxury furniture should not merely be looked at and talked about (although those are lofty pastimes) -- it should also be used and enjoyed. These are some ideas to prepare for design trends in 2021, but designing a space is a deeply personal experience. High-end furniture means that no matter what design style is used, the end result is gorgeous, worthy of conversation, and comfortable.

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