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In addition to their self-named brand, Formitalia also creates luxury collections with Tonino Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Together, these names are at the forefront of high-end European design. Each collection has its own style. Tonino Lamborghini Casa is brash and bold. Aston Martin is graceful and strong. Formitalia is glamorous and sparkling. Each collection presents a different personality and creates a new conception of luxury.

Formitalia Luxury Group

Formitalia Luxury Group’s furniture is Made in Italy and sold around the world. Made in Italy means all the items and all the parts they contain come from Italy. The label is a sign of excellence and assures that every item it touches is of the finest quality. Their furniture is made in Tuscany, in the cities of Florence, Prado, Pistoia, and Pisa. The group began by working with fine leather from Florence.

Their high-end leathers are their focus, working from highest-quality hide to tanning to the expansive finished leather for your living room or bedroom. Not only are their leathers of the top quality, but this discerning eye is turned to all the other materials they incorporate. They expanded to silk woven in Como, often in their noted designs of horses, particularly Arabians. They then took on Florentine metals. Together, these products of Italy form the core of their designs.

Stirrup claps are a common motif in the collection, bringing unifying structure across different objects. Deeply textured textiles appear frequently with modern prints or bold embroidery. They often showcase their leathers using fabric-inspired treatments like quilting and tufting. In each design, you can capture the fleeting passage of a running horse.


Formitalia’s own designers create contemporary luxury. Their expertise in leather surrounds the collection, forming not only seats and sofas but also the fronts of chests of drawers and the top of desks. Marbles, velvets, and golden metal blend into this leather base. Plush woolen rugs cover the floors and textiles are marked with subtle designs and motifs. Without question, this furniture is the top end. It is made for the ages, holding on to its classic style even as trends change.

The Trafalgar line exudes classic style with modern touches. Featuring luxurious leather and quilted leather pillows, you can sink into this sofa. The side table combines leather and lacquer to contrast the lush and soft against the shining and hard. The center table does the same and it contains four releasable ottomans to bring extra seating, and extra comfort, to the room. Lighting and accessories are from their Arte d'Arbitare brand, which features limited-edition works from internationally-known European artists. The featured art contains the famous Arabian horses.

Trafalgar living room

Trafalgar living room

The Rachel Divano line includes lush textured chairs and sofas. The line features interesting modern shapes. The Rachel Divano chair juxtaposes a leaning square back against a round seat with vertical cutouts on the front of the arms. Illustrating the top-quality designs in the Formitalia collections, this chair throws the eye partially off balance before landing it in the very lap of luxury.

Rachel Divano chair

Rachel Divano chair

The Muzio living room line uses bright veneer and gilded features to provide a base for their lush curves. Contemporary European style furnishings will brighten your interiors and deliver a sense of luxury style. Accessories include leather pillows marked with the signature motif of the Arabian stallions. Pair this with a wool rug, carefully patterned to resemble a leather animal skin and available in a range of tastefully muted colors.

Musio central table

Lush, soft leather sits at the heart of Formitalia designs. Leather is luxuriant, opulent, and durable. Its looks unite interiors, and can even tie objects from different collections together. The top-quality leather used in this chair is cut from large pieces for each component to give you the indulgence you need at the end of a long day.

formitalia chair

Formitalia chair

Aston Martin Luxury Furniture 

Formitalia began working with Aston Martin to create exclusive, luxury home furnishings in 2011. This partnership draws upon Formitalia’s deep knowledge of leather. Deep and soft, Aston Martin embraces the luxury of leather. The idea behind the Aston Martin line is to create an integrated solution to both home and office. The famous leather wraps nightstands, desks, and other unusual objects as well as the expected couch and chairs. The furniture flows easily from one use to another, finding grace and flexibility in its solidity.

aston martin dining table

Aston Martin Dining Room Table

These designs are modern, even futurist, utilizing a mix of familiar and never-seen-before styles. They seamlessly meld industrial technologies, like carbon and Kevlar, with traditional luxury in leather, boiled wool, and cashmere. For all their strength, the line has an organic feel. Partially, this derives from using the natural colorings of leather and also from the organic feel of the line and shape of the furniture. Liberal use of lacquered wood adds to this. Many of the pieces of furniture rely on broad, flat bases and seem to float on air, perching on unusually shaped thin legs.

Aston Martin makes cutting edge lighting. Its forms reach tall and extend to create lighting in any areas of the room you wish to highlight. Their showcase models a graceful curve, much like a boomerang, and brings this sense of motion into your room. Design meets revolutionary materials to grant this floor lamp its elegant balance and assure top quality in every lighting fixture and accessory. while the light shown is a playful blue, these lights are created in many finishes from matte black to wooden.

The Aston Martin president’s chair (V049) commands the room from behind its desk. Supple leather cradles you while high-tech wheel systems allow the chair to move as easily as the car. Pair this with any of their desks to work in comfort as long as you need to. Their office furniture radiates both importance and comfort.

aston martin presidents chair

Aston Martin president's chair

Tonino Lamborghini Casa Luxury Furniture

When Formitalia joined with Tonino Lamborghini, they expanded their conceptions of working with leather. The automotive and engine worlds inspire the creation of bright colors and sharp forms not seen before in leather. Tonino Lamborghini Casa design is fierce and bold. The ultra-modern collections mark the rooms they grace with forward movement and Italian flair. Many accessories highlight the Lamborghini bull in full motion.

The GT desk perfectly illustrates the bright colors and sharp forms of the Lamborghini car built into furniture form. The desk is both distinctive and exceptional. Yellow leather graces the top of the desk while the framing shapes are black carbon fiber.

Tonino Lamborghini  gt desk

Tonino Lamborghini Casa GT desk

Tonino Lamborghini Casa’s Imola line features luxe leather. You will find no seams, dimples, or thin spots. Instead, the leather is thick, smooth, and expertly tufted and quilted into the forms of the chairs and sofas. These designs are fully stuffed and shaped for maximum comfort. Every detail is attended to, with the lighter trim highlighting the visuals of the shape and form this seating takes.

Tonino Lamborghini imola sofa

Tonino Lamborghini Case Imola sofa

The Long Beach design line creates a classic office space with signature leather and a contemporary twist. It offers both president’s chairs and smaller wheeled chairs, paired with standard four-legged seating. The display shelf creates a wall of staggered nooks for holding books, papers, or memorabilia. Desks and tables angle bringing an ultra-modern sense to the room.

Tonino Lamborghini long beach office desk

Tonino Lamborghini Casa Long Beach Desk

Even basic chairs and tables stretch out of their conventional forms becoming unique. The table bends like a cutting-edge bridge in Europe, spanning the room and finishing on points. The leather-clad chairs are your driver seat to cross it. The collection is met by accessories that carry on the same lines and shapes.

Tonino Lamborghini casa leather chairs

Table and chairs

Home theatres take pride of place in the Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection. Designers aim at maximum comfort at every point in the body. These theatre reclining chairs provide extra support at the important points of the neck and lower back. Wrapped in leather opulence, your guests will enjoy watching movies at your home better than anywhere else.

Tonino Lamborghini casa leather theater chairs

Tonino Lamborghini Casa Home Theater Seating


Venicasa brings you top-quality luxury furniture from Italy and Europe. Our furniture is made by artisans and artists in Italian workshops. It is made from the best of luxury materials: leather, marble, gold, velvet, and more. Some dealers will try to sell you fake-luxury made in Chinese factories from lookalike materials. The furniture we sell is built to the highest standards, destined to become heirlooms one day.

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