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Brand Showcase: Luxury Bathrooms by Maison Valentina

Brand Showcase: Luxury Bathrooms by Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina Luxury Bath Fixtures

Design experts at Maison Valentina have worked for many distinguished and popular projects around the world and created countless new trends as well. Maison Valentina's brochures showcase hundreds of options for everything your bathroom needs, from sinks and doors to seating and lighting. Some of these designs highlight the smartest and most advanced in bathroom products and technology. Being an outstanding brand, Maison Valentina is recognized as a standard in luxury bathroom market and has led this very market to new boundaries.

Maison Valentina's catalogue shows hundreds of bathroom fixtures, such as shower faucets, sink faucets, towel bars and other bathroom hardware, that are available in a wide range of styles, finish, sizes and budgets. The bath fixtures available at are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Portugal and manufactured in our own production units. Have an idea in your mind what your version of luxurious bathroom should look like? Are you planning to simply change the existing theme and give a grandeur touch to it? Remodeling the entire bathroom or go all out to make room for a new addition? Do you want to see today's technology fitting into your opulent bathroom? With Maison Valentina's bath fixtures, you will find ideas, products and anything you are looking for that represents luxury.

Ready to begin your journey into the world of Maison Valentina's opulent luxury bathroom products, start your shopping journey here!

Luxury Modern Sinks & Washbasins

Maison Valentina has plenty of luxury sinks in various styles and materials that can withstand test of time, including transitional and contemporary. The luxury sinks in transitional styles continue to have a large fan base while the popularity of contemporary style is on the rise. The array of designs that are available in our store can not only give you design inspiration for your bathroom but a sense of where to start. Sinks with single bowls, multiple bowls, cast-iron sinks and under-mount sinks - the options are countless. Don't be surprised if you find multiple sink options suitable for your project. However, take an eclectic approach and put your personal stamp on it. The key is to match a sink with other elements in the room such as tub, shower, cabinets, doors and windows.

Opulent, High-End Tubs

Tubs with a luxury touch from Maison Valentina are designed to create a luxury bathroom you envision. They come in all shapes and sizes, from standard, soaking, air to alcove, walk-ins and freestanding. Some of the finest collection of opulent tubs are inspired by exotic vacation spots. Best of all, they are affordable yet give a grandeur tone to your bathroom theme. The combination of tubs and trims that incorporate advanced technology is not only smart but convenient as well. The exotic finish that comes along gives these tubs a clean and appealing look - a welcome update from their original styles a few decades ago.

Luxury Bathroom Lighting

Maison Valentina's lighting collection does more than simply shed light in your bathroom. It creates a well balanced atmosphere using a mix of accent and ambient lighting making it easy to create that luxurious look you ever wanted. The various lighting styles provide overall illumination to accommodate easier movement throughout your bathroom. Some can be positioned close to mirrors, others focusing on specific objects, such as an artwork or collectible. Track lighting, sconces and cabinet lighting are also available from Maison Valentina. Wall-mounted down-lights over the sink are designed in every shape and size as well. Maison Valentina lighting bends toward the modern side, but dig deeper for various lighting styles to meet your high-end design needs.

Taps and Faucets

Taps and faucets from Maison Valentina are sold in variety of styles, colors, sizes and finish and aims to complete your luxury bathroom in style. They are designed and created not as an afterthought but to coordinate styles and colors with other items in your bathroom while ensuring that the dimensions are compatible. They are also best suited for everyday use and a better choice for durability. From standard taps and faucets to pull-down models, double handles and high-arc goose-neck variety, the choices are plenty, to give your bathroom that distinctive look. Polished chrome, oi-rubbed bronze, brass, nickel and stainless steel are a few finishes that you can find from our collection of Maison Valentina taps and faucets.

Your bathroom, just like other rooms in your house, deserve some attention, too. Why not give it a luxurious makeover for an affordable price under the guidance of design experts? Maison Valentina collection from can make that happen with a click of a button. Here's to a bathroom beyond your wildest dreams!