High contrast colors, such as black and white, have come into style. Last year, single color interior rooms were the rage, but this year's shapes and patterns are clearly outlined. This contrast highlights the form of your furniture, making it “pop” away from its background and become a focal point.

You can buy luxury furniture that has a high-contrast color within itself. Much of the Lamborghini Sprint line and other Tonino Lamborghini Casa designs sets two contrasting colors against each other. The Broadway and Spring sectionals are top examples of this color use. Combinations include grey and red, yellow and white, and other pairings that play off well against each other. The highly modern colors and forms of chairs, tables, and sectionals create a range of focal points throughout your room.

Another way to achieve the idea of color contrast is to paint the walls a color that contrasts well against the furniture. Classic blue (navy blue) is this year’s Pantone color. A dark blue wall provides a perfect backdrop for white or ivory furniture, and lighter colored leathers, like that which is used in many of the current Aston Martin designs. The chairs and sofas become a focal point of luxury, with the darker coffee tables providing a grounding link between tan and blue.

Performance fabrics

Performance fabrics, that work well and last a long time, are an idea whose time has come. Sustainability is important and buying furniture that will last is a great way to achieve it. High-end leathers and other performance fabrics fit the bill and provide high-end luxury as well.

The classic performance fabric for furniture is leather. Leather can hold up to quite a beating and still look grand. Leather is at the heart of both the Tonino Lamborghini Casa and Aston Martin lines. Both use the highest quality leather, free of dimples or seams, to create beautiful and useful furniture.

Lamborghini Sprint is famous for using several high-performance fabrics. Carbon fibers work inside many of their designs to provide soft but strong support. Their design labs are continually seeking out new textiles and ways to use them. Carbon fiber accents helps Tonino Lamborghini Casa achieve the interesting curves and forms for their coffee tables.

Geometric design

Geometric design focuses on ideas of shape and pattern. Take inspiration and ideas from the geometry of both your room and the furniture you place in it. The automotive-inspired designs spring for the geometry of working, mechanical forms. This motion stops in time to create furniture that illustrates the idea of movement while creating comfort. The famous sectionals are meant to move into different shapes to suit your needs.

Another set of ideas for your interior is to use the geometric shapes and curves of the furniture itself, which show off this trend well. Many of Aston Martin’s pieces, such as the Presidente desk chair, show off multiple geometric forms linked together. The curves in the sectional sofas by both Aston Martin and Tonino Lamborghini Casa also follow geometric patterns. Highlight the most interesting curves with lighting, or the contrasting colors discussed above.

Lighting is another way to bring the geometry of curves and forms into your spaces. The Lamborghini Spring Curve Floor Lamp, with its long and elegant arched neck, constructs a rounded form in contrast to other more angular items in the room. Other modern lighting brands, like Masiero and Mariner, bring in simplified modern curves in their beautiful lamps to complement the furniture.

European style and details

European styling is in this year. European interior style has heritage, developed from trends that happened over long periods of time. At each junction, the features that worked best stayed and became part of the permanent design.

Rich, natural colors and natural materials are at the heart of European design and at the heart of the Aston Martin collection. Wood and leather are two materials that bring out classic European warmth. When combined in an Aston Martin television cabinet or accent chair, modern design takes on an air of Italian tradition. Wool rugs and carpets, by either design house, provide a stylish European basis for any living room.

A sense of luxury is at the heart of European design. Look at the broad, low frames in the Lamborghini Sprint lounge chairs. The reclining ease of the Tonino Lamborghini Casa Pau armchair, covered in the softest leather, creates a luxurious space for one. The magnificent sectional sofas by either maker provide high-end comfort. Add some European lighting to highlight your furniture choices and the room glows with luxury and class.

Classic interior details

The final trend is to avoid trends. Go with the classics that always maintain their style. Classic Italian interior details provide a steady centering point in your designs. Luxury Italian furniture fills this trend, setting the basic pieces around your room. Then the smaller details can change over time. But high-quality furniture will last far longer and always look lavish and well-appointed.

Clean modern lines are a new classic. As is work in leather, chrome, and wood. A hand-knotted wool rug or carpet, such as the clean, brightly colored offerings of Lamborghini Sprint, creates a timeless base for the rest of your design. The detailing around the edges of the rugs is exactly the type of luxury detail you are looking for.

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