The luxury automaker paired with Formitalia, a designer of high-end furniture specializing in leather, to create this furniture collection. This brand has a long history and an excellent reputation for creating the finest high-end leather furniture. This luxury leather is thick, smooth, and even across the entire surface. They select each piece for the shape it will fill and you will find no weak spots, dimples, or incorrect seams.
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Firenze and its surrounding region have a history of artisan talent. Small workshops provide top-level training for workers in leather, wood, metal and other materials. This cluster of expertise allows artisans to learn new ideas and techniques from each other. The design and construction of the Aston Martin Interiors furniture line spring out of this hotbed of talent and ability.

It is easy to design your home or room using Aston Martin furniture. Because this brand shares design from the same source, pieces easily go together or move around. Everything has a leisurely, natural vibe. This furniture line is both serene and sumptuous and designed to easily incorporate into your life.

The Venicasa showroom offers a carefully curated collection of the best Aston Martin Interiors has to offer. We have selected these pieces for their luxury, beauty, and soul. We offer clients the ability to buy online through our website. We are here to answer any questions about these wonderful pieces of furniture online, on the phone, or in-person at our store.

Aston Martin Insteriors designs its living room with clean, contemporary lines in a refined color palette. They created a sideboard/buffet with a wood and veneer base topped with buttery leather. The leather rises above the dark wooden base, leaning down in the middle to make the lines of its shape more interesting. This piece of luxury furniture fits in a living room or dining room, smoothly creating beauty wherever it is set. The sideboard projects easy affluence and taste.

Aston Martin Interior's sectional sofas are stunning. Wrapped in leather and highlighted with pillows in contrasting colors, these pieces fill a living room with quality and taste. As sectionals, their design offers flexibility to change over time. Your choices include a semi-circular arrangement or a longer, more traditional look. The sofa is built to last as an heirloom, retaining its style as tastes change and built with quality to last over generations.
aston martin sectional sofas

Aston Martin Interior's V148.1 King Bed is covered in leather that is patterned on the headboard and smooth on the body. This Italian design creates tranquility with a grounded organic feel. The bed's modern design is rooted in the fine qualities of luxury leather. The headboard and base are both wrapped in soft leather, bringing taste and opulence into the room. The Aston Martin Interiors bed creates space for rest for both body and soul.
aston martin luxury bed
When paired with mirror-image nightstands, the set conveys an exquisite visual line across the bedroom. Skilled Italian artisans create these in dark wood and light leather with drawers that glide effortlessly and silently. These handcrafted items, like all of the Aston Martin Interiors collection, are close to perfect. As a set, the bedroom radiates easy luxury with a natural feel.

Simultaneously contemporary and timeless, the large dining table graces the dining room. The exquisite veneer on the table-top sits above solid wood legs. When paired with leather chairs, the set creates a mood of comfort, quality, and simplicity. This table will ground a modern dining room and become a valued family treasure over the years.

While Aston Martin Interiors creates several choices for dining chairs, pay close attention to the V144/A chair. Its smart, modern design uses high tech materials on the inside enable the chair to curve around the top, creating a comfortable leather hug. This unconventional shape highlights the high levels of design in this series.
aston martin desk chair 144

The design house created a desk that defies gravity. This soaring creation is enabled by the use of high-technology metals and fibers serving as a base for the wood and leather that is the hallmark of the collection. Formed into a unique shape, the desk's top resembles flying wings, pinched in at the waist and flaring out again into feet. This luxury writing desk is dressed with glossy veneer and topped with quality leather. Even lighting is built-in.

The desk pairs with the Presidente leather desk chair. The chair includes rolling and lift mechanisms that are designed for ease of use and maximum movement using automobile technology. The body of the desk chair is formed like a tulip or champagne glass, fashioning a focal point as well as creating ultimate comfort.
astin-martin-v049-3 presidente chair

Numerous other pieces are available in this design line. Chests of drawers and television stands allow for both storage and style. Side tables and coffee tables make a living area functional while maintaining the beauty of the larger dining table. Accent chairs can pop a bit of high-end design into any lonely corner or take a place of pride in the middle of a room.

Every piece in the collection is Made in Italy, meaning that both the furniture and the parts that constitute it are created by Italian hands. This is the highest level of distinction, meeting rigorous standards, about place origin available. The Made in Italy mark is one of the best ways to assure quality in both production and design.

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