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Easy tricks to freshen up your home in less time

Easy tricks to freshen up your home in less time

Easy tricks to freshen up your home in less time

Sometimes you are required to freshen up your home even if you have a nice collection of luxury furniture or anything else that makes your home interior look its best. Just like you regularly switch up your clothes in a wardrobe, your home requires a facelift too. However, if you think it could be hard to achieve a fresh new look in less time, take a look at the below tricks to make this effortlessly achievable.

Declutter Your Space


Decluttering means removing the items you are not using or no longer want and clearing out the surfaces. Of course, it is not the most exciting work you want to do, but once you do it, you can make your home look different. So if you have a messy collection and cluttered surface, spend some time to clear it out.

Here are some of the things you should do for an unmistakable look.

Clear out the toast and other food crumbs from the dining table and dust from the windowsill.

Remove unnecessary envelopes from the desk, unseasonal items, and old books from the bookcase.

Instead of leaving your clothes on your corner, chair, bed, or sofa, put them where it deserves (such as in a cupboard, closet armoire, or wardrobe).

This will not only leave your home looking neat and fresh but will also make your home more liveable.

Refresh Your Accents


If you don't want to spend more on large pieces of furniture, swap out small furnishings, decor and accent items like pillows, throws, blankets, and rugs for instant gratification. New colors, shapes, and patterns will automatically bring uplifting vibes, especially when your space looks trim or dull. Besides, they also significantly impact your space by giving your neglected chair, sofa, bed, or floor a new look.

Freshen Up the Dull Wall


Consider changing the look of your boring wall by giving it a new coat of paint color. It is an excellent trick to brighten and freshen up the look of your wall. But remember only to apply paint on some walls of your home. Just choose one dull wall and turn it into an accent wall. If your overall theme is neutral, transform it into darker ones so you feel the complete impact a change of paint color can bring.

Rearrange or Move Furniture


Something as simple as moving or rearranging furniture you already have can make space feel brand new without having to spend money. Take your time and try to position your furniture differently, then decide which shifts can make the proper sense.

For instance, if you have an additional chair, move it in front of the window to see a beautiful outside view instead of facing toward the dining table set. Or, if you have a sofa, consider pulling it away from the wall if space allows.

This is a bit of a trial-and-error approach or trick, but it makes a big difference in altering the look and layout of your home if rearrangement is appropriately done.


Add Plants


It would be best if you never forgot to freshen up your entrance as it is as important as other rooms in your home. It is the first spot your relatives or guests see when they arrive at your home. An easy thing you can do to freshen up your entry point is to decorate with green plants. This probably seems like the most obvious trick, but it does work, especially when plants are placed in colorful planters.

Kitchen Update


Beautiful items are meant to display anyhow. So if you have a stunning collection of bowls, cups, glasses, or serving items in your kitchen, nicely show them in a kitchen cart instead of hiding them in an unspectacular space. The colorful, exciting collection successfully lifts the eye from the dull kitchen and gives your kitchen a new view in less time.

Display Your Accessory in Three


Refrain from scattering your favorite decor accessories here and there. Instead, uniquely displaying them in one spot is also an excellent trick to freshen up your space quickly. Be it a candle holder, vase, or any other decorative object, try to arrange them in a group of 3s on your coffee table, side table, or even on storage pieces like a sideboard, credenza, or buffet. This trick takes just a few minutes but adds another point of interest to your space.

In the end...


Only begin remodeling if you are tired of the way your home looks. Freshening up your home is one way to change the appearance of your space without the hassle of a significant renovation or remodeling project. So if you want to fall in love with your home again, remember to apply these easy tricks to give your home a new look and layout.