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Glamorous Home Luxury by Adora Interiors

Glamorous Home Luxury by Adora Interiors

Selecting luxury furniture to merge with contemporary, modern or minimalism décor can be as simple as highlighting a boring area or making a stunning statement in your ultra-modern home. Choosing a little or a lot of luxury is up to the discretion of each homeowner.

What is Luxury Furniture?

Luxurious furniture is made from the best quality materials and finishes. Most times, the branding is exclusive and shows the premium price.

Luxury implies elegant, graceful and indulgent to the eye. Once held by classic and period decors, today’s luxurious designs feature modern, yet soft curved properties that compliment interiors that demand recognition of beauty and plush silhouettes.

Tasteful and gracious, today’s homeowners are drawn to the uniqueness and quality that luxury furniture collections possess. If you are ready for a step up to a high-end presentation of your home, Venicasa represents Italian-made Adora Interiors contemporary collections with an inspiring retro twist.

Adora Luxury Furniture Collections

There are different collections to inspire the bold uniqueness of your taste. From sophisticated sofas and chairs to exquisite tables and wardrobes, modern luxurious collections offer a new adventure in defining your home with artistic eloquence.

Allure Collection by Adora

The Allure Collection from Adora Interiors features contemporary elegance with an Italian flair of rich unattainable prestige. Velvet, metal and attention to detail set this collection of sofas, armchairs and occasional tables apart from the plain contemporary designs. Modern modular pieces provide personal distinction in arrangement.

Atmosfera Collection by Adora

Bold and beautiful, the Atmosfera Collection delivers Italian quality in a powerful statement. Modern clean lines of quilted fabric on sofas and chairs match the fine Italian marble on occasional tables. Inspired by European classic designs, this collection screams high-end luxury with a modern trend.

Sipario Collection by Adora

Luxury Living Rooms

A perfect example of the eccentric form that luxury furniture that is made in Italy can dramatize your home. Living room furniture takes on different shapes and textures to deliver exquisite high-end luxury for your enjoyment. Sweet curved arms outlined with quality metal meets diamond-shaped fabric bring luxurious fashion to sofas and chairs. Pillow arm rolls against geometric designs add uniqueness to an already impressive interior design.

Dining Rooms

A Sipario dining room will attract the most discriminating of guests into a fantasy. A refined tone of decorative motif of today's most high-tech European materials deliver a graceful silky view of an elegant dinner. Combined traditional and contemporary styles merge with peculiar geometric trimmings

Diamante Collection by Adora

Living Areas

Geometric shapes that remind you of diamonds makes the Diamante collection a gem of luxurious excellence. Dancing reflections of gold found in trim and sculpted legs on living room furniture make a striking fashion statement. Perfectly stitched tufts balance the trend in artistic taste. Made in Italy, the ideas of premium craftsmanship is pronounced in every detail.

Dining Rooms

Simple robust shapes of meticulous balanced lines in elm and gold demonstrate the elegant

creative Italian ideas. There are no second-class materials used in Diamante dining room ensembles and it shows. Pronounced lines of the finest metals and fabric stitching are signs of refinement. A whisper of dignity lies behind each piece that creates an awesome plateau of glamour and pride.


The sophisticated designs of the Diamante Collection of bedrooms will turn your dreams of achievement and prosperity into a reality. Turn your bedroom into a jewel that cannot be compared to simple contemporary interior design. Laced with gold and straight lines, the ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere is set apart by Italian designers. With well-proportioned style, each matching piece will bring a sumptuous feeling of individuality.

Adora Luxury-à-porter

Adora Luxury-à-porter is the obtainable solution to the Adora collections. Luxury does not have to be a dream for others. By listening to global sophisticated clientele, Adora was able to form ideas and create luxurious products as a reality to many. Whether an interior needs a spark of sophistication or a new quality look, the Luxury-à-porter approach has delivered.

Arredoclassic in Pesaro, Marche is the creative force behind the Adora Interiors and collections. Innovative and adventurous, they have made their mark as a high-end manufacturer of classic, elegant and unique furniture pieces. Respected worldwide for being a leader in quality and individual tastes, there is a collection suited for everyone. Located between the seaside and the hills of Pesaro, Marche in Italy, authentic designs are created, built and shipped to showrooms all over the world.

Certified by l’Istituto per la Tutela dei Prodotti Italiani (Institute for the Protection of Italian Products) as “100% Made in Italy”.