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How To Choose a Bed Frame: A Guide to Common Styles

How To Choose a Bed Frame: A Guide to Common Styles

As the Irish proverb says, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” But what if the lovely, soft pillow you laid your head upon at night as was hard stone instead? What if your memory foam or innerspring mattress was a pile of layered leaves, ferns, or blades of grass? Would you still be able to get a night of restful sleep after the sun goes down?

That depiction may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but the truth is this was once the reality of getting shut-eye in the prehistoric days of life on Earth. Fortunately, humanity has come a long way in crafting superior furnishings and lavish linens for daily living and nightly repose. The modern market of interior bedroom furniture is especially expansive. While each piece is necessary to create a private sleeping sanctuary, one remains the most essential: a good bed.

Beds are furnishings available in assorted sizes, styles, and frames to fit your personal needs and desires. The term “bed frame” refers to the array of products designed and configured to support mattresses and their nightly slumbering inhabitants. Curious about the diverse options you can purchase from designers? We’ve compiled a catalog of details to consider during the decision-making process. Read on for a closer look at how to choose a bed frame and a guide to common styles.

The Ideal Bedroom Setup: Bed Frame Basics

As the foundation of a standard sleep system setup—and the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom—you should choose a bed frame carefully. It’ll stay in your slumbering space for years to come. The right frame can be the best solution for your sleep habits and also become the focal point of your interior design and décor. Choosing a frame for your space is just as critical as selecting the right mattress for your body. The dynamic duo isn’t complete without the other.

A bed frame simultaneously promotes a healthy sleep environment and incorporates effortless style into the room. It also offers the ultimate comfort and versatility for other activities besides mere snoozing. If you enjoy lounging on the bed during daylight hours, the right frame can transform your space into the serene space of your dreams when you’re wide awake.

The Main Factors To Consider

A traditional bed frame structure comprises the following: the head, foot, side rails, and possible legs or risers, depending on the specific style. The core aspects of the bed’s structure to consider are the foundation, size, height, and width.

Foundation: Slat vs. Box Spring

Bed foundations are in one of two categories: slats or box springs. Forming a durable base, slats are wooden bars placed across the width of the frame to support the mattress. The ideal space between them is about 2.5 inches. Conversely, box springs are wooden frames comprising of springs covered by fabric. Some people prefer to place these foundations on the floor without an additional frame or platform.


Selecting the right size frame isn’t too complicated if you already own a mattress. For example, choose a queen-sized frame for a queen-sized mattress. The same goes for a king, full, or twin. But keep in mind that not all “queen” or “king” categorized frames have the same measurements.

Remember, a bed should be the main focal point of the bedroom—but it shouldn’t overpower the space completely. If you’re unsure if a particular frame is ideal for your space, set down tape on the floor to outline the frame measurements.

Height and Bulk

If you’re considering a heightened or more elaborate bed, your tape measure should head toward the ceiling instead. A taller frame requires higher ceilings. Even larger bedrooms can appear cramped with these types of beds if you have low ceilings.

Consider Different Material Selections

You'll find that most manufacturers in today’s market construct bed frames out of metal or wooden materials, with upholstered foams and fabrics. The best solution is to match the color and material to your interior design aesthetic and decor. Then, you can select a style.


Wooden frames —such as walnut, pine, oak, or mahogany—customarily exude a sense of comfort. Wood is a unique building material, as each type has its own unique personality, texture, color, and finish. Your choice of wood bed frame dictates whether your space appears more modern or traditional.


On the other side of the coin, metal frames are commonly more modern in appearance. Streamlined metals such as steel or iron are highly durable, offering a minimalist, contemporary, and sophisticated look for your one-of-a-kind space.


High-end leather bed frames are relatively popular for their elegance and luxury. Wrapping around a hardwood interior, the outer leather will need proper upkeep to maintain its pristine condition. Choose from diverse colors, such as black, brown, beige, red, or tan.

Frame Style Options: The Most Popular Designs

When considering how to choose a bed frame, think of design last. Here is an assortment of popular options in our guide to common styles.

Upholstered Beds

Desiring a look of utter luxuriousness? Upholstered bed frames offer a delightful combination of style and comfort. With cushioned support, you can choose from a number of materials, textures, and patterns to suit your space and match your interiors.

Canopy Beds

Four-postered bed frames are the ultimate bed-as-focal-point pieces for your room. No other style on the market offers the same flair, height, and intimacy for your luxe space.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh bed frames work wonderfully in varying classic and modern styled settings. Many choose this type of intricate design—with a high headboard and footboard—to make a sophisticated statement.

Storage Beds

Bed frames with built-in storage configurations are known as storage beds. You’ll often find drawers or shelves to bring your bedroom storage to the next level. Its genuine perk is convenience, but keep in mind that this style may be difficult to move around due to its weight and bulk.

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How To Choose a Bed Frame: A Guide to Common Styles