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Key Features of Transitional Style Furniture

Key Features of Transitional Style Furniture

As the legendary coach John Wooden once said, “Next to love, balance is the most important thing.” Balance is something that we create and not just stumble upon. Frankly, it’s not easy to achieve—especially within interior design. But balance is possible with transitional design.

Transitional style is the art of mixing that’s swept the world by storm. As an ideal blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics, this style exudes harmony and sophistication. Curious about the distinguishing characteristics of this cohesion in furnishings? Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key features of transitional style furniture.

Neutrals: A Muted Color Palette

A transitional look is effortlessly clean and elegantly refined. This design mainly adheres to a warm, neutral color palette. Using off-white, tan, beige, ivory, cream, taupe, gray, or khaki creates that decidedly sleek status.

When considering furniture pieces, keep in mind that chosen shades should work together. Bright or dull hues tend to serve as detrimental design distractions. This stately color choice is meant to highlight the distinctive lines and textures of the furnishings. Never fear—you can still incorporate minimal pops of color in artful accessories and décor.

Complementary Organic Textures: Visual Interest

Speaking of visual interest, transitional style furniture favors the rich incorporation of texture. Essentially, texture choice is where visual variety comes into the picture to add some strategic savoir faire. Common textural elements include wood, rattan, metallics, and a diverse range of soft, plush, and treated fabrics.

These defining finishes provide visual intrigue as well as tangible comfort and character. Strong furniture may carry the space, yet its surfaces are the identifying features that help you feel right at home in your interiors. If you worry about the overall cohesiveness, seek out options crafted from similar high-quality materials.

Married Curves and Straight Lines

Another of the key features of transitional style furniture is a minimalist and determined silhouette. Transitional furnishings splendidly marry curves and straight lines, resulting in a clean design that isn’t entirely masculine or feminine. In essence, the piece shouldn’t look too manly or too frilly—instead, balanced right in the middle. This transitional aspect keeps the design strikingly elegant yet entirely relaxed.

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