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Luxury Interior Design: Top Trends in 2022

Luxury Interior Design: Top Trends in 2022

As the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier once said, “The home should be the treasure chest of living.” Your house is a unique and individualized space, influenced by your sophisticated lifestyle, your geographical location, cultural aspects, and current industry trends.

What interior spaces look like depends mainly on personal taste and needs. Nonetheless, the current aesthetic developments in the interior design world undoubtedly impact your choice of décor. Curious about the latest and trendiest inspirations in the global luxury interior design sphere? Read on for an inside look at luxury interior design and the top trends in 2022.

Be Bold: Rich Patterns and Saturated Colors

After the steady dominance of luxe minimalist spaces, maximalism is beginning to make a comeback in today's design scene. Maximalism centers on embracing all things "extra" for the sake of aesthetics. This includes layers of rich textures, colors, and patterns. After several challenging years of change, the ability to be bold and brave allows individuals to bring a bit of magic back into their lives and living spaces.

Playing around with bolder shades—and steering away from solely white or muted colors—is in vogue for a reason. Rooms saturated with diverse colors, creative artwork, textural elements, and decorative experimentation fully immerse a person in a fun, sophisticated, and one-of-a-kind space. This obvious trend shift stems from a type of “guilty pleasure” design philosophy that’s the ultimate form of luxury.

Spatial Awareness: Sustainable and Mindful Spaces

Enhanced comprehension and awareness of space is another top luxury interior design trend in 2022. Open-space floor plans are taking the backseat now. Instead, people prefer carefully proportioned and strategically sequenced areas within the home. The most favorable layouts are those that clearly distinguish between living and working spaces and offer valuable opportunities for solitude and privacy. Intentional sustainability for the future is also important in both design and décor.

Timeless Nostalgia: Traditional Design Details

This year, there appears to be a greater invested interest in intricately crafted design forms, especially ones of historic nature. Homeowners are purchasing high-quality items for longevity and not merely utility; they’re seeking traditional elements for timelessly chic and functional spaces. Antiques and heirlooms are making a bigger splash on the market, as are modern pieces that speak to the past through style, fabric, and design details. You can instantly travel back in time in the present with them.

Artfully Shaped Furniture: Sculptural Lines and Curves

Every luxuriant home needs statement pieces of furniture. The latest high-end trends for furnishings literally go outside of the box with sensual shapes, angled forms, and upscale crescent edges. Designers are artfully displaying waves and curves in varying furniture pieces, especially in seating arrangements, bed frames, and dining room sets. These eye-catching styles influentially fashion a home into an altogether new shape.

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