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Shop Arredoclassic Luxury Furniture at Venicasa

Shop Arredoclassic Luxury Furniture at Venicasa

Since 1998, Arredoclassic has vested itself in exports of exclusive products. Products made for a clientele of particular tastes. Arredoclassic's paved the way for young companies, demonstrating not just how to make fine furniture, but how to show the world you’re doing it. The hungry company participated in trade fairs from the U.S. to Paris, from Dubai to Milan. Through pure adrenaline and tenacity, they put front and center an adventurous, innovative character. Yet, this isn’t what put them on the map. It's their collections of high-end, luxury classic European furniture that makes Arredoclassic an ambassador of value.

When it comes to space, Arredoclassic imprints the dreams of its occupants in all corners. They shine lights on living and dining rooms. They enrich bedrooms with unique and personal touches. They manage to imbue classic design with fresh precise lines which reek of prestige. Whether it’s new beauty in the Leonardo collection or Fantasia’s modern empire style, the design translates into experiences that cannot be matched.

Venicasa knows luxury furniture. We’re the online home to the best furnishings from Spain and Italy. Arredoclassic stands out as European designers who reflect the latest in trends and styles, and still manages to be original, challenging and unique.

Let us show you.

Arredoclassic Fantasia Collection

If your goal is to shop for elegance and harmony, we present the Fantasia collection. It's a translation of classic aesthetic codes into neoclassic atmospheres. It speaks of soft and sinuous framing alongside the finest Roman and Greek quality. This collection is at the heart of what Arredoclassic looks to put forth. It’s a designer characteristic that’s made Italian style a fashion that will never be a trend. The collection embodies made in Italy.

Anyone who walks into your bedroom will be speechless by the structural lining. Marble surfaces and ornate detail breathes out an upscale and exclusive leitmotiv. You’ll find detail every time you explore the furniture, characteristics that say modern and classic and special. The pull-out table has glass shelves. The bed is antique and yet glows with modernity. The cabinets are clean yet stand out bold.

What we really appreciate about Fantasia is the furniture has neoclassic and stylish touches. Every designer piece has the Italian maker’s signature. From the designer spin on tradition to its refinement and soft shapes, the Fantasia collection is luxury personified with traits that will be unique and yours.

Venicasa knows luxury is a personal thing and we find this European collection to be an exemplary place if you're defining your spaces. The Fantasia collection is a high-end option for a range of European designer luxury furniture that reflects stylish taste and functionality.

Arredoclassic Leonardo Collection

For quality with a classic punch, Arredoclassic presents the “Leonardo” collection. With these pieces, the designer crafted a narrative about everyday beauty that beams beyond fabric and material. The collection references the manufacturer’s distinct voice, yet manages to explore new paths.

The dining room is a stunning collective of furniture that’s elegantly old school and strikingly modern. You can almost feel the sense of awe guests will have and imagine the pleasure one will get embraced in the stylish ambiance. Creative and unique, the love crafted in every nook and cranny shines. Expect the set to be admired and bring pleasure.

The collection has the aesthetic codes of Italian furniture that catches the eye and boldly blooms with architectural possibilities. The Leonardo collection includes bedroom furniture, bed, tables, chairs and more. All demonstrate the made in Italy pride the designer strives for. Even the simplicity of their mirrors evoke charm in luminous and rich volumes. It's an artisanal mindset that speaks of individualism and unique quality.

Venicasa admits to having seen the best of the finest in furniture made in Italy in our store. The Leonardo collection stands out for a modern yet one of a kind allure. An allure you can enhance because many of the designer pieces can be customized. Depending on the item, get special order colors, materials and finishes. Make your spaces as personal as it gets.

Arredoclassic Liberty Collection

It’s difficult to not see the Liberty collection for what it is. The epitome of luxury. A luminescent vision of detail. Noble and antique in its presentation. Marble finishes accenting silver framing. Gold leaf gingerly placed to warm the environment. Gracious lining that adds a sparkle of harmony. The designers use glossy surfaces with geometric detail, charming wall accessories and low tables. These creations promise to give any room a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Arredoclassic challenges the senses with furniture that makes a qualitative difference in rooms. The Liberty collection includes a table with a double half-cross support. It forms the base and looks graceful and light despite bold geometry. The display cabinets, influenced by ancient Greek and Roman friezes, come in many styles and many tastes. There are square spirals, lateral columns, cool and dark colors. Most construction is almost all glass allowing anything within to shine. The buffets demonstrate how the designer manages simplicity in creative and profound ways. Innovative finishes and borders, golden Meanders and laterals, all highlighted by geometric handles in classic Italian tradition.

If anything, the Liberty collection perfectly illustrates the classic beauty the designer brings to the home. Harmonious balance and indisputable charm is a trademark. The ability to infuse stark space with a light of colors, a canon of European beauty, and leaving a sight almost symphonic and precious. Brilliant in design both aesthetic and functional, these Arredoclassic pieces will remain striking, high-end and refined for long as you enjoy your home.

Venicasa loves how the Liberty collection sets itself as a class apart. Detailed bordering inspired by decoration going back to the Romans. A monumental sophistication that practically emanates a glazed wonder. This is furniture that dares to be different and traditional and will give your spaces regality and luxuriousness.

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