European design has a strong contemporary point of view, backed by classic knowledge and experience of the past. Designers master a neo-classical line, a traditional presence, an art deco embellishment, a mid-century modern form, and an ultra-modern whimsy, all before they can conceive of their own vision. This understanding of the past leads to new creations that pull the optimal techniques and models from whenever is best while allowing the creative imagination to soar.

When high-end design and quality creation meet, the result is the finest furniture made. That is the promise of European work. These top companies compete against each other to meet and exceed the already high standard.

Top Luxury European Brands You Will Fall in Love With

1. Formitalia Glamour

Known for: the spirit of the Arabian stallion, elegant leather, contemporary luxury, glamorous finishes, materials carefully sourced from the best in Italy

Arabian horses are Formitalia’s mascot and design inspiration. The images of these vigorous and beautiful beasts are frequently incorporated into form and motif, leading to creations showcasing both glamor and spirit. Flashes of gold, curves of leather, and soft expanses of velvet meet and create a luxe look and feel for their home furnishings. Formitalia creates pieces that are currently stylish and have a classical basis to enable them to last over time.

Formitalia Glamor hails from Tuscany and began making home decor with the finest leather from Florence. Graziano Overi founded Formalia in 1968 and it underwent a major expansion in 1985, launching into international sales. The company is currently run by the brothers David and Gianna Overi, keeping Formitalia a family business. Recently, they have created new lines in partnership with Tonino Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Every bit of the materials that go into their furniture is Italian, from silks from Como to Florentine metals. Their work is Made in Italy from the first step to the last.

2. Skyline Design

Known for: bringing luxury outside to play, green and high tech materials, daybeds and soaring sky shades, lasting high-end craftsmanship and design

Skyline Design creates luxury outdoor furniture for poolside or outdoor rooms in the summertime and beyond. The designs are modern and whimsical, playing off the traditional patterns of outdoor furniture and giving them a high-end design makeover. Some items are rounded, others have Art Deco curves, and other furniture pieces have contemporary organic lines. Creations often nod to the traditions of basketry and weaving, The furnishings are lightweight, high quality, and luxuriously stylish. Skyline creates the atmosphere of a luxury resort at home.

Skyline was born in Valencia, Spain in 2001. Its founders, Emilio and Jose Revert, expanded the work of their father and took the brand international. Comfort and versatility lay at the heart of all their work. The brand works with a variety of international designers to bring these visions into being.

Much of Skyline Design's home decor is woven and it all uses innovative high-tech fibers and materials. These materials include Ecolene, Polystrand, Raucord by Rehau, and ViroTM. These materials are all environmentally safe, 100% recyclable, and in some cases recycled itself. The fiber is also lavish and long-lasting. It resists chemicals, UV rays, and weather. Skyline is a luxury built to last.

3. Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Known for: the power of the raging bull, ultra-modern design, attention-grabbing shapes and angles, automobile inspiration and high-tech details, luxury leather

Tonino Lamborghini Casa started in 1981, aiming to bring the luxury experiences of driving a Lamborghini into the home. Carbon fiber blends with leather to create a furniture line that forgets no detail. The sportscar and the raging bull provide inspiration for this ultra-modern furniture. Designers incorporate elements and motifs of the car and bull throughout the lines as luxury touches or design ideas. Exciting lines and remarkable shapes stand out, whether in lighting or a nightstand. Most pieces incorporate the brand’s hallmark highest-end leathers.

Tonino Lamborghini founded this brand based on his experience in automobile engineering and position as heir to the Lamborghini company. Located in Bologna, he takes great pride in earning and displaying the Made in Italy label – and expanding it into a lifestyle. His vision is of luxury, exclusivity, and Italian flair. It is easy to see the Lamborghini heritage in each item they make, from the vibrant colors to the automotive dreams the products incorporate.

4. Aston Martin Interiors

Known for: thoughtful contemporary design, lush and comfortable leather, using science and technology to support refinement and class, expansive vision

Aston Martin has recreated their cars in sumptuous furniture form. In making home decor, they use the same luxe materials found in their cars, inside and out. These include deluxe leather, soft wool, sleek wood veneers, and metals engineered to stand the test of time. Aston Martin applies a scientific and ergonomic approach to comfort, meeting your body with support in every place you need it, and allowing both stability and movement when needed. The shape of each piece is refined and unexpected, often stretching outward with an inviting welcome.

Marek Reichman leads a large team of designers comprised of artists, scientists, and engineers from around the world. They have paired with the Formitalia Luxury group and work closely with the automotive design team. This approach pairs the Aston Martin design sense with Formitalia’s deep knowledge of hides, leathers, and furniture. Thus, a cross-European partnership between Britain and Italy, bringing out the best in European design.

5. Mariner Furniture and Lighting

Known for: design that spans the ages including classical, art-deco, and mid-century modern, exquisite lighting featuring traditional crystal and contemporary materials

Mariner has a reputation for elegance, glamor, and quality. They also showcase unusual flexibility for the high-end market, creating furniture that references points across many design periods. Contemporary or Neo-Classical, Mid-Century Modern, or Art Deco, Mariner offers choice backed by their superior construction and quality. Mariner Lighting is worthy of being the center of any design. Innovative glasswork and crystals meet with gold, bronze, and newer metals to glow and refract across the room in shapes both classic and modern.

For 125 years, Mariner Furniture and Lighting has been fashioning and inventing furniture in Valencia. Enrique Mariner Gurrea founded the company in 1893 and expanded to international sales in 1915. Today, the company has now expanded across five generations in the same family. Over time, they have extended sales to five continents. Every piece of their work is hand-made by experienced artisans from blowing glass to detailing wooden intaglio. Mariner offers classic design and workmanship in all that it does.

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