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Belmondo By Ezio Bellotti

Belmondo By Ezio Bellotti Luxury Italian Furniture Belmondo means "beautiful world". They create atmospheres and spaces using luxury Italian contemporary furniture. Contemporary, here, means anything but plain. These high-end pieces indulge in details, but these details are made of glass, metal, leather, and other modern materials. Ezio Bellotti started working in textiles and leather and their fine furniture is awash with the color and decorative patterns that those materials can bring. Belmondo is generous furniture with a huge heart. Shop Belmondo at today and find your beauty. The Ficus Dining Table is superb. If you want to see one piece of furniture that captures the heart of Belmondo, start with the organic and breath-taking Ficus line. The base of the table is made of wood covered in sculptural metal to form the essence of tree into a table and each piece is unique. The matched luxury dining chairs look simple, at first glance, but soon the high-end details appear as chrome spindled feet, tufting, and mix of leather and fabric. The Majestic collection combines leather, fabric, and chrome to create sensual opulence in a chair. The Belmondo Majestic cabinets and bookshelves are ebony and black lacquer. Along with desks and console tables, these objects look to be in the middle of becoming something new as the tops (and sometimes the bottoms) are lifting off the substantial base. This line is modern, with a twist of unusual lines and shapes that show exuberant design, perfect for the high-end office. Venicasa can guide you through Belmondo furniture, we are specialists in Italian fine furniture. Take a look around the website and call us to find out more information.