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Borbonese by Zanaboni Fine Italian Luxury Furniture Borbonese by Zanaboni stands for global living. Its makers and its customers are linked together in complex networks of taste and elegance all over the world. The Italian brand aims to show those linkages in its furniture. They believe that luxury is an aesthetic value and should be expressed throughout one's life, especially in one's contemporary living space. Today, Borbonese by Zanaboni is known for precious metals, attention to modern details, and their trademark textures. From beds to chairs, each piece is made with great attention to detail. You should expect elegance and new ideas executed with traditional care. It creates furniture in three lines: Classic, Contemporary, and Modern. Whether you are decorating a high-end bedroom, a luxe living room, or a tasteful dining room, Venicasa has the Borbonese furniture to bring life to a room’s design. The beds and sofas are grand and soft. They are designed to pull you in and grant you rest and respite from the busy world. And a lovely dormeuse takes a bit of the best from both designs. Their designs are simple and universal while still maintaining high-end luxury.... Read More