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Formenti Luxury Italian Furniture and Home Decor

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Formenti furniture prides itself on its versatility. It can modify or customize all its decor, including made-to-measure products for your home. This way of approaching work makes every item exclusive. Because of this, they work with a wide variety of only the finest materials. Skilled craftspeople can take these materials and bring out the best of every single one from soft leather to cool marble. They make luxury furniture with your home in mind.

Formenti Italian furniture is warm and sturdy, one could easily mistake it for classical sculpture. They are famous for their use of high-end leathers and their bold colors. High-end, contemporary luxury is what Formenti stands for. In the realm of Italian decor, they use these leathers to show how softness and comfort can appear in unusual places.

Formenti Equals Luxury Craftsmanship and Design

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