Galbiati Luxury Classic & Contemporary Italian Furniture Galbiati makes stylish, contemporary furniture from their workshop near the shores of Lake Como in Milan, Italy. Each item of luxury furniture balances traditional proportions with innovative contemporary detail. A twist or turn here or there creates the line that catches your breath, making you look more closely to appreciate the depth of style. Galbiati works exclusively in metals, and mainly in brass. Galbiati Means Fine Italian Craftsmanship At Galbiati's heart is great skill in artistic, handcrafted brass. They have built expertise since the workshop first opened in the 1960s. Galbiati hires the best metalworkers in Europe to work with craftsman-designers trained in the deep history of metalwork. Each piece reaches the goal of originality of design, mastery of execution, and attention to detail. First, the artist draws lines on a simple, white sheet of paper that the brass will be fitted to. Then, the brass may be formed from pipes and bars, carved into its shapes with lasers, or cast into a mold of sand or wax. Every step is done by hand using a blend of old and new technologies. Brass is modeled, polished, and worked into exquisite forms. It may be gilded, silver-coated, or colored. Every piece is coated in a protective, transparent varnish. Chairs, stools, sofas, and benches are works of art to be exhibited in your home or office. Galbiati Styles Include Classic Italian, Art Deco, Glam and More Stylistically, Galbiati reaches a balancing point between Traditional, Art Deco, and Glam. Designs are completely original but taking inspiration from the great opera halls of Europe to theaters from the early days of Hollywood and other classic works of architecture. These architectural forms are captured at a human scale in their high-end furniture. Every chair glows and sparkles, lighting the room. The swings are flying works of whimsy and fun. The luxe stools rise over classic lines. Whether your Galbiati is placed in the dining room, office, or bedroom, it stands as a reminder of luxury and taste.