Lamborghini Sprint

Lamborghini Sprint Furniture and Luxury Italian Home Decor Lamborghini Sprint Furniture is a sleek automobile-inspired design line by the design house Tonino Lamborghini Casa. Every piece of super-contemporary furniture is designed around the essence of motion. Pieces look fast, like the car they are inspired by. Many pieces also move, reconfiguring themselves around your life. Luxury wraps around you when you lean into a chair or sofa, cradled by soft leather and supported by high-tech metals.The heart of the line is bringing the Lamborghini vehicle experience into your daily life. European design and Italian style bridge this tie between car and home. Clean, minimalist lines pair with soft leather or luxe fabrics creating super-contemporary furniture. High-tech materials, such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, enhance the dynamism of Lamborghini Sprint furniture. Vibrant lines and mechanical motifs tie the furniture even closer to the automotive ideal. Lamborghini Spint: The Finest Modern Details Even with all this hardware, you will never forget that Lamborghini Sprint designs for comfort and style. Magnificent leather covers chairs and sofas. Lamborgini’s parent company, FormItalia, is a high-end, luxury leather specialist. Each piece of leather is precision-cut and hand-stitched to create a smooth, indulgent surface.Sumptuous sectional sofas are built for movement and even leather chairs have adjustable parts to form them for your individual body. Even tables are constructed from these stylish leathers. In the bedroom, luxury beds feature a smooth, minimalist design and maximal comfort. Chests of drawers taper toward the top, suggesting speed, and their lines are mimicked by night tables. Decor items meld with Italian furniture. Lighting echoes the lines and forms seen in their larger pieces. Hand-tied pure wool rugs are available in the most stylish automobile colors and feature automobile trim. Clocks expand out of a dashboard to fit on your walls. Additional decor items enhance the fast and luxe feel of your room. Every piece is innovative.