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Masiero lighting stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of technical expertise and refined Italian aesthetics, offering a diverse spectrum of made-in-Italy luxury lighting products that seamlessly traverse from timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary designs, suitable for both interior and exterior spaces.

Devoted to the principles of genuine Italian craftsmanship, Masiero takes pride in utilizing premium materials and harnessing technical prowess to craft bespoke lighting solutions. The fusion of a fervent passion for technology and an unwavering commitment to design excellence forms the very essence of Masiero's uniqueness. Boasting a rich heritage spanning over four decades in the world of family-owned businesses, Masiero has consistently delivered high-end decorative lighting fixtures, with a particular emphasis on the intricate artistry of metalworking. Every Masiero creation comes to life within the confines of the Casale Sul Sile (Treviso) plant in Italy, where a specialized production chain meticulously oversees the entirety of the production process.

Embracing an artisanal approach, Masiero's in-house production management allows for the tailoring of each individual piece, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the unique preferences of the customer. While rooted in the tradition of Venetian chandeliers, Masiero transcends convention, propelling itself toward innovative conceptual horizons, particularly in the realm of architectural lighting. The company's international reach extends to over 80 countries, where a diverse array of products caters to a global audience with varied needs and tastes. At Masiero, the commitment to excellence, coupled with a deep respect for heritage and innovation, illuminates a path to timeless and customized lighting solutions for discerning patrons worldwide.

Masiero Luxury Lighting Materials

Metal: Transforming from its traditional role as an architectural structural material, metal has perpetually drawn admiration for its inherent functionality and resilience. Its evolution within the realms of design and, notably, lighting, owes much to its remarkable versatility and malleability. Within the confines of Masiero's internal workshop, skilled artisans breathe life into metal, shaping it with expertise and infusing it with vibrant hues. The result is a manifestation of unique objects that bear the indelible mark of craftsmanship.

Glass: With a rich historical association with Venice and its famed furnaces, glass stands as a material that has captivated hearts for three millennia. Its transparent allure and dual nature, simultaneously delicate and robust, lend it an enchanting quality that is almost magical. Emerging from amorphous powders and brought to life through the dance of fire, glass becomes a solid, refined material. Masiero's creations seamlessly marry glass with metal, forming an alliance that gives rise to emotions, embodying the enduring quality of a material that does not age.

Crystal: Distinguished by its exceptional transparency, brilliance, and remarkably high refractive index, crystal is a unique variant of high-quality glass. When illuminated, it reflects light with a decisive intensity, creating a mesmerizing iris effect. Masiero harnesses the allure of crystal extensively, employing it in both classic and contemporary collections. This fusion of classic and modern elements has become a defining characteristic of Masiero, where crystal elevates lighting creations to a realm of timeless elegance and contemporary sophistication.