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Asnaghi Classic Italian Furniture

Asnaghi Interiors greeted the 20th century with a mission to produce high-quality furniture that takes advantage of modern innovations while honoring traditional craftsmanship. The result was a remarkably successful furniture brand that served as a master of both classical and trendy furniture designs since 1916. In its over 100 years of operation, Asnaghi Interiors has become an internationally recognized designer of unique, high-value, breathtaking furniture. Asnaghi classic Italian furniture has gone on to decorate homes, hotels, governments, and more.

Masters of the Craft

When crafting Asnaghi furniture, no detail is too small. From the materials they use to the tiniest design touches, every step of the process receives an immense level of care and attention. Given that each piece holds ample amounts of gorgeous, intricate detail, this is a remarkable feat. The time and effort are worth it, though. Simply look at an Asnaghi piece to instantly feel the tradition, sophistication, and opulence of classical furniture.

Preserving Centuries-Old Designs

Asnaghi classic Italian furniture takes its inspiration from a myriad of traditional designs. It’s easy to see Baroque, Empire, Louis XV, and other influences within the Asnaghi collection. Even beyond appearances, Asnaghi furniture dedicates itself to classic design with its materials, craftsmanship, and values. Lush velvets and silks give each piece a sense of lavishness. Meanwhile, hand-carved woods, hand-painted designs, and other artisanal work preserve the care and craftsmanship of classical furniture making.

Versatility for a Changing World

When Asnaghi Interiors was established in 1916, they had a vision of bringing refined, classical furniture into the trends of the modern world. That vision still holds true today. With modern technology, accessible international communication, and a rise in global consciousness, furniture designers can reach broader audiences than ever before. Asnaghi Interiors takes advantage of this by supplying customers across the world with distinguished pieces. Asnaghi’s work makes classical furniture design more than just a relic of the Rennaissance. Affluent customers across the world can relish in the perfect elegance of Asnaghi classic Italian furniture.