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Fabric Swatches

Mariner Luxury Furniture Catalogs

Mariner luxury furniture falls into two categories: Gallery and Classic. For 128 years, Mariner Furniture has been making elegant, unique pieces of furniture with a classical look. This line is the flagship of the brand and hosts the most celebrated collections. Gallery is a reimagining of the Classic line that incorporates new lines and design ideas for a truly singular look. Whichever style you prefer, know that you will have the finest furniture available—and your interiors will look beautiful.

Classic Light Fixtures & Chandeliers

Mariner luxury furniture carries more than just the basics; they also produce a line of light fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, and lanterns that are the perfect complement to Mariner furniture. The entire collection of luxury lighting is stately and elegant while exuding the classic look of royalty. Furnishing any room with Mariner classic furnishing will transform it into the Palace of Versailles.

Elegant Furniture

Decorators all around the world know the brand for how it melds stunning looks with a cozy feel. Mariner furniture is the perfect combination of classical style and posh comfort. There are fine end tables, dressing tables, wall mirrors, love seats, couches, and more for every room in the home. Furnishing with these gorgeous pieces signals class and elegance to all who enter.

Luxury Accessories

The devil is in the details, and that holds true with interior design. Placing large pieces in a room isn’t enough to complete the design; one also needs to strategically place the little things like candelabras, centerpieces, beautiful ornate clocks, and vases throughout. The finishing touches on any room provide the sizzle. The beauty of Mariner accessories lies in the adaptability to the most exclusive architecture and interior design projects.

To find out more about Mariner, browse the catalogs. They are filled with luxury furnishings and accessories. Stately class and elegance are waiting for you inside.