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Valente Classic Italian Furniture

Valente classic Italian furniture comes from a team of expert metalworkers who know exactly how to use high-quality materials to their advantage. Every piece creates a subtle presence that doesn’t overpower a room, but your eye is still drawn to the exquisite details—the true mark of a craftsman. No brand has a better grasp on the blending of metal with leather, upholstery, and more. Here are just a few of the qualities you can expect when you browse our catalog of Valente furniture.

The Best Metalwork in the Industry

Valente has a mission to enhance spaces through the use of rich, elegant metals. From frames to trims, the metal within a piece of Valente classic Italian furniture offers impeccable beauty and grace. Dedicated industry research allows the Valente artisans to experiment with metal surfaces and finishes until they find the perfect look for each and every design. The result is uniquely gorgeous metalwork that stands out from other furniture of its kind.

Beauty in Subtlety

The gleaming metalwork of each Valente piece is remarkable, but it’s also understated. Whether you’re purchasing a luxurious bed frame or a small table lamp, Valente furniture never overpowers the room or outshines your other décor. These pieces bring a subtle beauty to the room. They catch the eye and draw admiration no matter how big or small they are, but their presence leaves room for other grand furnishings and décor. As a result, Valente furniture perfectly complements the rest of your home.

Only the Richest Materials

One of the reasons Valente delivers such incredible quality is due to its material selection. The brand’s elegant metal finishes include brass, bronze, chrome, silver, and 24 karat gold. Beyond their metal craftsmanship, Valente uses solid wood, rich leather, and expert upholstery to complete each piece. By masterfully combining noble metals with these softer materials, Valente opens the door for fresh designs that make an elegant addition to any room.