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AID Modern Italian Furniture

Asnaghi Interiors Design (AID) is a new brand by the geniuses at Asnaghi Interiors. The masters have put their decades of experience to the test by creating a spin-off brand that addresses the rise of contemporary styles. Asnaghi hasn’t forgotten its roots, though. AID modern Italian furniture seeks to combine classic beauty with contemporary fashion. The result is a marvelously elegant and functional furniture brand that serves a lavish traditional bedroom just as well as a sleek minimalist living room.

A Contemporary Twist on the Classic

At first glance, contemporary furniture seems worlds away from the classic pieces you expect to find in grand European estates. A furniture line that incorporates both traditional and modern qualities seems unlikely, but Asnaghi Interiors Design crafted exactly that. Each piece in the AID modern Italian furniture catalog exhibits the stern sophistication of contemporary style alongside the intricate details and craftsmanship of centuries-old furniture design. This versatility creates immense potential for the brand: Every piece would look at home among traditional pieces, modern designs, and everything in between.

Straight, Sleek Lines

Asnaghi Interiors Design displays its mastery of contemporary style with the stark, solid lines of each piece in its catalog. Low sharp-cornered tables and thin straight-backed chairs are just a few examples of the smart and chic appearance of AID modern Italian furniture. The use of starkly contrasting colors—such as white trim around a gleaming wooden table surface—also demonstrates a sleek modern design.

Dazzling Details

While the overall straight-edged, prominent designs make a statement of contemporary intent, there’s no denying the lavish details that bring a little bit of classic beauty into each piece of AID furniture. Get lost in intricate embroidery, outstanding wooden grain swirls, and opulent gold and silver leaf trim. The AID team brings a stunning level of detail and care to each piece, creating a timeless look that pays tribute to traditional style even as it shines in a modern home.