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Formenti Modern Luxury Furniture | Catalogs

Formenti is a luxury furniture brand that has made its name by designing and making high-quality, modern luxury furniture. Versatility is their greatest strength and the reason they can produce any kind of furniture design, modification, and customization of standard products. Formenti is known all around the world for making elegant, eye-catching furniture that compliments every room it adorns.

Authentic Italian Furniture

Luxury and authenticity go hand in hand. Buying luxury furniture means you are buying craftsmanship, quality, and authentic Italian furniture that is second to none. Designing furniture begins with extensive research; that way, the design team can take in new ideas and create unparalleled furniture that is exclusive, beautiful, and built to the highest standards. Creative ideas are at the forefront of our luxury furniture and development projects. From those ideas come our unique designs, which experts craft from the finest materials available. They source best-in-class leathers, fabrics, and wood to make stunning Italian furniture.

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