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Formitalia Luxury Furniture Catalogs

Formitalia luxury furniture has a long track record of success, and they owe that to having a clear vision regarding the brand’s direction. They know luxury and style and believe in technological innovation in the long tradition of Italian craftsmanship. Formitalia is always trying to achieve perfection in every piece of furniture they make.

Since the founding of the company in 1968, Formitalia has focused on design concepts that offer carefully crafted solutions for the office, home, and corporate environment. Furnishing a space with Formitalia luxury furniture tells the guests within that they’re in an exclusive location and surrounded by the best. Their furniture is found in the most desirable locations around the world.

Now Formitalia has some of the most sought-after collections in the luxury market and is sold in over 50 countries.

Tonino Lamborghini

In 2005, Formitalia merged with the Tonino Lamborghini brand and created an opportunity to increase its range with distinct collections for homes and offices. Taking inspiration from the Lamborghini car brand, experts craft these pieces with fine leather and bold colors. The designers are loyal to traditional shapes and styles, but they also incorporate a bold yet elegant spirit. 

Aston Martin

Continuing to partner with legendary car brands, Formitalia joined with English car maker Aston Martin in 2011. The product line born of this partnership includes fine furniture for home and office along with lighting and accessories. Much like the cars, the furniture line, sleek, sophisticated, and boasts an impressive level of design.

Formitalia Glamour

The Formitalia Glamour collection is the next evolution of the Boutique Collection. It is inspired by the equine world with prints of Arabian horses made from silk and high-end hides. Incorporating crocodile and ostrich prints, this line is at the pinnacle of style and sophistication. Made primarily in the Tuscan region of Italy, this line of fine furniture has the best of Italian craftsmanship.