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Zanaboni Modern Luxury Furniture | Catalogs

Zanaboni luxury furniture was founded in a small town outside of Milan, Italy, in 1967. Founder Vittorio Zanaboni started his company in Meda, near the renowned furniture making–district of Brianza. He has always focused on reinterpreting classic and contemporary furniture designs with a distinctive flair and leaves his own mark on each piece. The high quality of the production process, precision, and meticulous craftsmanship create a unique home collection. Nothing is left to chance—from the start of the design process to the finished product. Innovation and experimentation are the hallmarks of Zanaboni luxury Italian furniture, resulting in furniture with a refined and timeless charm.

Borbonese Meets Zanaboni

Borbonese is a global brand that is known for luxury handbags and the finest leathers. Zanaboni, on the other hand, is a global brand that is known for high-quality furniture and innovative designs. A collaboration between the two Italian brands was inevitable. Both stand for global living, and their customers share a love of taste, elegance, and style. Borbonese by Zanaboni shows the combination of these two brands in modern Italian luxury furniture.

Luxury as an Aesthetic

Luxury is an aesthetic value and should be expressed throughout one’s life, especially in the home. This furniture brand is known for precious metals, modern details, and trademark textures. Each piece is made with great attention to detail. Customers expect elegance and fresh ideas made with traditional craftsmanship and care. The collaboration creates furniture that is classic, contemporary, and modern.

Zanaboni Luxury Furniture

Zanaboni makes fine furniture for every room in the house. Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms should all have the finest pieces from Zanaboni in them. Simple yet universal designs complement every room and give the level of elegance and class that discerning designers and customers want. Escape from the hectic world and relax in fine Italian furniture every day.