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Luxury Furniture by Venicasa | Shop Italian Furniture & Decor

Offering European style at the highest quality, Venicasa presents furniture designed and crafted in Italy. Known for its beauty and luxury, Italian design is always balanced and harmonious. Every line and every curve represent thoughtful design, linking form, function, and beauty.

Choose from many styles whether traditional or the best of contemporary designs. Italian furniture sets the trends that the rest of the world follows. Traditional styles feature carving, gilding, and links to both ancient Rome and the age of Rococo. Contemporary choices are built for comfort and clean lines without giving up a bit of the craftsmanship.

Each piece is constructed by the most talented craftspeople who create beautiful pieces that last. Hand-stitched textiles glow with color from high-end materials: silk, brocade, velvet. Lush leathers are carefully placed and stitched. Rare woods are carved and sanded to bring out the most of their glorious colors. Lacquers are poured and painted to produce the glossiest shine.

A single piece of furniture declares your intention for the entire room. A set of pieces transforms the scene and transports the viewer to Italy. This furniture is art. Whether a bedroom or a dining room, a sofa or a bookcase, the furniture makes the room. The style and materials tell of European luxury.