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Venicasa Luxury Furniture, Lighting and Home Decor Buying Guide

Buy high-end luxury furniture and decor because you love it and know your home or office is worth it. Your home is your castle and it should be decorated with your tastes and comfort in mind. Buy furniture made from authentic brands in Italy and Europe because you know it is a good investment and a piece that will last. A sofa that costs $20,000 looks expensive but high-end furniture is built to last and designed and crafted to stay forever stylish. Its cost seems less than purchasing a sofa that costs $5000 every 5 years to account for wear and tear and to keep up with design trends. Buy authentic Italian and European furniture because it is hand-made by skilled crafts-people and worth every penny of its price tag.

Made in Italy vs Cheap Knockoffs: What it Means to You and Your Home

Yes, you can buy cheap knockoffs made in China that look a lot like Italian luxury furniture and decor. But that quick look is where the similarity with authentic Italian furnishings ends. When you look up-close the materials are different, the fabric is thinner, and the wood is lesser quality stained to look like more luxurious wood. Many parts are factory-made, which loses the artisan touch that shapes and places them to the best advantage. Most of all, authentic high-end Italian furniture is an heirloom and an investment. A living room made in Italy will hold onto its looks and increase in value as many years pass. Furniture from Italy shows quality and taste that runs deep. You can still keep the convenience of shopping for trends online with Venicasa. Our website hosts a number of the best products available, as well as blog posts on trends and ideas. Additionally, we are ready on the phone or by chat to answer your questions and enrich the online buying experience.

Top High-End Luxury Italian Brands and Designers

While modern conveniences have definitely made it easier to shop for luxury furniture and lighting online, it can still be somewhat overwhelming. Aside from choosing a brand that fits your tastes, there are many styles offered by each brand. While some brands specialize in a particular style, many offer various styles to meet the demands of various clientele. There are many high-end luxury brands to choose from, ranging from modern and art deco to mid-century modern and classic Italian. At Venciasa, we take great pride in advising our clients from around the world on which brands and styles will best fit their home or office. Below is just a sampling of today's most luxurious authentic Italian and European furniture, lighting and home decor brands.

Mariner Furniture & Lighting

Mariner Furniture & Lighting designs across the range of contemporary styles with items in the Art Deco, mid-century modern, and modern transitional styles as well as classic furniture. European furniture goes together with exquisite lighting designs. 

Mariner Furniture & Lighting art deco luxury furniture


Formitalia is home to both Tonino Lamborghini Casa and Aston Martin furniture. They began working in leather crafting and used these leathers to develop their automobile themed lines, as well as other fine furnishings made in Italy. Aston-Martin high-end chairs and tables create natural luxury wherever they are placed. 

Aston Martin luxury furniture and chairs

Lamborghini Casa

Lamborghini Casa highlights the most modern and streamlined designs. Taking inspiration from the Lamborghini cars from Italy, this brand focuses on leather, chrome, and automobile designs. Their gorgeous leather sofas and chairs could be pulled right out of a luxury car and placed in your living room. Their desks are a modernistic console for running the world. Their beds are a deep, smooth luxury. The designs of their tables and cabinets highlight the now. 

Lamborghini Casa bed


Bizzotto creates contemporary furniture with clean lines. They know wood well and show it off to its highest potential, but also work with ceramics, fabrics, metals, and other fine materials. Their designs highlight how simplicity and a minimalist sensibility can fit easily with luxury. 

Bizzotto couch and sofas


Arredoclassic is famous for its details and embellishments. From carved intaglio wood and hand-carved marble to gilding and embroidery, every bit of the design is carefully executed. They make a wide range of furniture styles and seek the finest materials from around the world to be made in Italy. 

Arredoclassic wall unit and luxury furniture

Adora Interiors

Adora Interiors is the contemporary line from Arredoclassic. They create lines in the Art Deco, mid-century modern, and contemporary styles. The lines are clean. The materials are top quality. Comfort is valued equally with beauty and these pieces of furniture are designed to fit with modern lifestyles. 

Adora Interiors cabinets

Top Luxury Furniture Styles

At Venicasa we offer a range of high-end European furniture designers and styles for you to shop. Online and in our showroom we sell authentic trends from Italy. If you are looking to decorate a bedroom, dining room, or any room, here are some of the many styles you can buy online or at our luxury furniture showroom located in South Florida.

Classic Italian Luxury Furniture

Classic Italian furniture and home decor style draws from its roots in ancient Rome through the Renaissance and Enlightenment to present timeless style to you. This furniture is made of hand-carved wood, polished marble, and detailed textiles. You will see the artist’s touch on the feet of a chair or the inlays creating a painting in wood. Arredoclassic’s artisans create fine Italian furniture in a range of classic and traditional styles for you to shop. Neo-classic lines and details range across their designs. The Modigliani line shines with fine walnut arranged in a starburst pattern on this night table and other items. 

Classic Italian Luxury Furniture and beds

Asnaghi Interiors has been hand-crafting European furnishings for over one hundred years. They are known for their Baroque, Louis XVI, and other traditional and classic styles and famous for their intaglio and other wood carvings. Their designs and details range from botanical to geometric. Their Monza sideboard shows off this love of fine detail. 

classic italian side board made in italy

Lladró Lighting features gravity-defying lines and innovative ceramic techniques. Their lighting fixtures combine decadence and whimsy, complementing any European fine furniture. The Belle du Nuit chandeliers come in a variety of striking colors that make a bold statement while maintaining a sense of humorous self-reference. 

Belle du Nuit chandeliers

Art Deco Luxury Furniture

Authentic Art Deco furniture means luxury and modernity, featuring curves, smooth surfaces, and international inspirations. It is the umbrella name for a group of furniture and décor styles from the 1920s and 30s that remain popular today. Its glamorous details keep it in the shopping trends. Mariner Furniture offers several Art Deco-inspired pieces, such as the Mariner Gatsby collection with its streamlined forms. Sofas and accent chairs are tufted luxuries with Venetian glass headlight details. 

Art Deco Luxury couch and sofa

The Vicente Zaragoza Moonlight dining table features a high-gloss Brazilian Paoferro wood with inlays of light-colored lacquer. When paired with European light leather chairs it represents the moon hanging in the night sky. 

Vicente Zaragoza Moonlight dining table

An Allegri Auletta crystal chandelier complements any Art Deco room perfectly. Allegri creates its own authentic Firenze crystal and combines it with metals to focus and refract the light. Inspired by the lighting of the foyers of great theaters, prism-shaped crystals are arranged over a chrome frame in a striking geometric form. 

Vicente Zaragoza Moonlight dining table An Allegri Auletta crystal chandelier

Adora Interiors modernizes Art Deco, keeping the lines clean and the shapes diverse and international. The Sipario Chaise Lounge by Adora Interiors combines the shiny metal and formed velvet into a modern design with tight ties to Art Deco. 

Glam Luxury Furniture, Lighting and Decor

Glam furniture, lighting and home decor design cross all eras and schools to bring you the absolute most: the most gold, the most carving, the most mirrors, and the most luscious decor. Then, take that most and cover it in glitz and bling, just to make it a bit more fun, and you have the modern rendition of Rococo. Asnaghi Interiors has created some of the most glam furniture, calling in the Baroque and Rococo spirits of the past in modern forms. Gold curls and soft fabrics stand out in any room. The Ibisco Throne Chair by Asnaghi Interiors is carved from solid beech wood and then gilded. This piece stands out in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you wish to place it. 

glam furniture Ibisco Throne Chair by Asnaghi Interiors

The Formenti Sinclaire Sectional Sofa wraps your living room in luxurious gold velvet. The material is all hand-stitched, hand-made, and hand-tufted. The glowing fabric whispers of deep decadence and wealth. 

glam furniture Ibisco Throne Chair by Asnaghi Interiors The Formenti Sinclaire Sectional Sofa

Valente has created a modern Baroque decor style that radiates glamor. Their luxurious Morfeo bed is made from leather and bronze with details of 24 karat gold and Swarovski crystal. It showcases Italian design that makes glamor the trend. 

valente luxurious Morfeo bed

Baldi Home Jewels creates decor out of glass and metal. Each piece captures light and sends it colorfully around the room, the essence of the Glam style. Their Boccodoro Turbante vase with pearl gold crystal and 24 karat musk gold plated bronze will elevate any room it graces with its presence. 

baldi home jewels

Authentic Mid-century Modern Luxury Furniture

Authentic mid-century modern furniture is a style known for its playful geometric use of line and form, combined with inventive use of modern materials. The ideal mid-century room should look calm and soothing, offering style and comfort without any unnecessary trappings. Galbiati captures the spirit of mid-century modern design, using modern materials to create a cool and soothing look. Shop the Galbiati Clio bar stool which shines with geometric elegance and is made of steel and brass with galvanized gold plating. 

Authentic Mid-century Modern Luxury Furniture

Mariner designs several modern styles. The Ascot mid-century modern dressing table illustrates the focus on the simplicity of the line combined with exotic wood and thoughtful details. In your bedroom, this piece creates an atmosphere of cool class. 

The Ascot mid-century modern dressing table

Masiero creates stunning modern and contemporary lighting. They specialize in high-end decorative lighting. Buy their Flashwoods pendant light, which is an excellent example of design inspired by the space race. Its spiky form made of natural oak holds modern LED lights at its tips, showing off European innovation and the incorporation of new technologies. 

The Ascot mid-century modern dressing table Masiero creates stunning modern and contemporary lighting

Modern Transitional High-end Furniture

Moving toward more luxurious modern/contemporary home styles, you see the details simplify, the lines strengthen, and the shapes pull away from the standard. Transitional design is generally modern design infused with elements of traditional design. This combination warms up modern looks and eases the formality of traditional styles. Transitional design works well in a home that mixes and matches furniture and decor from different design types. Borbonese made in Italy furniture infuses modern style with warmth. Their designs are clean enough for a minimalist sensibility while lush enough for any maximalist. Buy Borbonese Illusion coffee table for your living room which has a cut-out base that mirrors the patterns in the gold and black marble top. 

Modern Transitional High-end Furniture

Belmondo by Enzio Bellotti has a playfulness of modern form, presented in the shapes and dark colors of traditional homes. This Belmondo Majestic bookcase combines ebony with black lacquer to create a forever piece for your books and treasured objects. 

This Belmondo Majestic bookcase

Allegri makes high-end luxury lighting. Many of their works following the simpler forms desired in a modern room, paired with their traditional crystal. Their flush-mount Vermeer 6-light chandelier meshes rectangle-cut crystals of different shapes and sizes to create a modern box-shape with traditional glitter. This lighting is made in Italy to enhance your dining room or living room with its flash. 

 Allegri makes high-end luxury lighting.

Mariner makes more than lamps and furniture, creating a number of modern decor objects. This Modern Mariner vase with its fan design nods to traditional crystal construction. 

Modern Mariner vase

Luxury Home Furniture & Decorating Ideas for 2020

Introduce new lighting to your room. Buy a light by choosing a great shape. Both bold and organic shapes are coming into style. A new light can change an entire room especially if you are not afraid to really go bold with it. This Masiero Ola 2-light floor lamp brings a wave of colorful whimsy to a room. Shop our entire luxury lighting collection here.

Masiero Ola 2-light floor lamp

Shop for the finest rugs and carpets, also looking for the bold and bright. Select an unusual shape or a stand-out design. The tan hand-knitted wool carpet from

Formenti is exactly the sort of warm neutral that provides a base for livelier colors in the details. Its motif and bold stripes make it a great way to highlight a room. 

Outdoors, napping spaces are favorites. Daybeds are very in style along with other outdoor furniture that can hold a sleeping person including chaise lounges, hanging chairs, and rockers. Skyline Design created a gorgeous sailboat inspired day bed that will have you dreaming of the seaside. 

Luxury Furniture and Home Decor Trends to Expect in 2020

Natural materials and organic design are a trend that gets inspiration from the woods and the garden. Natural materials are in, especially if they reference their original shape in nature. Buy wood - this year’s trendiest material. Shop any of the Italian designers who have long been using woods to their best advantage with carvings and other hand-crafted work. Details created to mimic natural objects such as twigs and leaves also enhance the organic look. The Ficus collection of Belmondo by Ezio Bellotti is a gorgeous display of natural root shapes covered in contemporary chrome. It brings the romance of the forest into your dining room. 

Sustainability is a big trend and people are buying furnishings built to last. Eco-friendly production methods are valued. Handmade goods and decor, with their commitment to clean and sustainable processes, are to be highly desired in 2020. Shop timeless looks that trend now, with a return to many traditional pieces because they are expected to last. The Sinfonia dining chair by Arredoclassic, with its dark wood and traditional design, is made in Italy with sustainable artisan processes. 

Buy sculptural pieces with playful sensibilities to show off your individuality and personality. Curved and asymmetrical pieces are the trend at the top of many people’s lists. Bold lighting choices offer a way to try out new ideas without committing your whole living room to a giant sofa. Shop for Tonino Lamborghini Casa which has made a reputation on bold designs for sculptural furniture. The leather Zolder sofa sectional, formed into a half-circle of seating is a scene-stealer. 

Large mirrors and functional art are a trend that can bring new life and light into your space. Choose an oversized mirror for your dining room and position it to pick up the light. Art lamps, such as Baldi Home Jewels Boccdoro Dolcevita table lamp, serve a double function of both lighting and on-trend décor. Its jewel green crystal is also a trending color for 2020 and perfect for bedroom or office. 

Trending colors range from warm natural colors to deeply saturated hues to jewel tones. Classic blue is the Pantone color of 2020. Grey is on its way out (but is still on-trend), replaced by warmer ivories and off-whites. Shop for leathers in natural colors that hold up the new warmer looks. To try out a new color, try it on your trim or even your ceiling. These new colors show well against the trend for natural materials. The Mariner Light Venetian/Murano Chandelier highlights a jewel tone sea-blue, a color to deliver calmness and joy to any busy room. 

Shop online with Venicasa to see more of these trends. We make it easy to buy through treating you, our customer, with the same respect and care whether you visit us at our website or our showroom. We bring trends from Italy to your bedroom, dining room, or the world with world-wide shipping and service.