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A high-end Italian luxury rug or carpet sets the stage for a luxurious room. It defines and describes the area on which life takes place. Just like lighting, designer Italian rugs and carpets radiate beauty and luxury, grounding a room and showing the area in its best light. Whether traditional or contemporary, a fine carpet of European luxury styling and creation is the bedrock of good taste upon which excellent design rests.

Leather, silk, and wool, these rugs are made of the most luxurious and durable materials. These designer pieces are crafted with the greatest skill and care by European designers exuding class and craftsmanship. A hand-made luxury carpet, where each piece is selected and stitched by hand, is an object like no other. Each piece shows the style of its creators and designers. Thick, dense and made to the highest quality, these rugs will last for years.

The carpet and rug styles are designed to either highlight our high-end Italian luxury furniture or to stand alone as a statement piece. Either way, these pieces deliver high-end luxury and European high style to your home. "Made in Italy" means quality, it means authentic, and it means that every carpet found here will add enormous style to the places where it is displayed.

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