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Made-in-America, Schonbek is a luxury lighting brand with a heritage of authentic European crystal chandelier-making at its core. From their roots in Bohemia, the Schonbek family made its way to the United States to establish a new tradition of crystal lighting design. For over 150 years and five family generations, the Schonbek name has been synonymous with the highest quality luxury crystal lighting. Shop Schonbek at Venicasa today.

Schonbek brands

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Schonbek Beyond

Elevate Your Space with Schonbek Beyond: Contemporary
Lighting for Every Corner of Your Home

Introducing Schonbek Beyond, where traditional design meets a contemporary twist, redefining elegance with a modern edge. Prepare to be awestruck as each Schonbek Beyond piece showcases a mesmerizing array of glimmering crystals, seamlessly complementing mixed metals. With its elegant, sophisticated, and dramatic allure, Schonbek Beyond pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, transforming your favorite spaces into captivating showcases.

Schonbek Beyond Lighting Options Include:

Schonbek Signature

The Schonbek Signature Collection encompasses an array of exquisite crystal lighting options to elevate your surroundings. From captivating bath lighting to opulent classic and modern chandeliers, refined flush mount and semi-flush mount fixtures, enchanting pendants, and elegant wall sconces, our collection offers a diverse range of crystal lighting solutions to suit every taste and enhance any space.

Forever by Schonbek

Forever by Schonbek is a luxurious offering of crystal pendants wall and tabletop luminaires. Each flawless, jewelry-inspire lighting piece is created from sparkling Radiance Crystal t enhance the scintillating play of light emanating from thes alluring fixtures.

Entwining crystal and light, Forever by Schonbek symbolizes the eternal power of people and space. As intricate and beautiful as the invisible knots binding lovers together, silky rope is an intimate element of each sparkling design, with radiant crystal and lustrous pearls adding elegance to every enchanting fixture. Balancing strength and seductive refinement, the luminaires are edgy expressions of deep connections, a visual celebration of a luxurious lifestyle.

Integrating the latest LED technology with edgy modern design, Forever by Schonbek illuminates luxury spaces. Set within an elegant double-tiered circular canopy, a trio of robust LEDs casts beams of downward illumination. Subtle light grazes each silken cord and reflects sparkling brilliance across each pendant’s polished surface, transforming it into a work of art.